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Созданный из высококачественного амилнитрита, его аромат уникален, а его эффекты не имеют себе равных!   

Composition: Amyle Nitrite + Fragrance

Finally the CBD POPPERS arrived,very strong,powerful with its light scent of hemp it will allow you to discover new sensations, and its unique composition will give you a deep feeling of muscle relaxation and well-being.Being; CBD poppers is the alliance of a libido stimulant and a muscle relaxant; Fresh when inhaled, it nevertheless causes an intense heat rise; Formulated from a high quality amyl nitrite, its fragrance is unique and its effects unequalled!


10 ml bottle (box of 18 bottles)

Composition: Amyl nitrite + Fragrance

CBD Amyle POPPERS 10 ml

₴ 400,00Price
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